TOUCH Space Sliver 10 Rotation Thrusting Automatic Masturbation Cup

Original price was: ₹19820.Current price is: ₹15670.


  • Luxury automatic solo play, like a real hands wanking for you.
  • 10 thrusting and rotating modes create unimaginable pleasure combos.
  • Discreet casing with a dust cover, great durability.
  • Dense ticklers in the inner chamber enhance the sexual pleasure of every inch of your cock.
  • Outfitted with the lascivious moan as vocal inducing, greatly levels up the authenticity.


Sliver and concise, its appearance will let you ignore how powerful it can be at the beginning. Just simply lube up, to experience a luxury erogenous feast with diffident thrusting and rotating combos. Easily controlled by buttons its escalating speeds means you can try rapid paces to get a strong orgasm quickly, or use the slower thrusts to train your stamina. Let you dictate the pace! Sounds cool, right? Besides, you can also plug in your earphones and enjoy the sensual moan blows to your ears while the rows of soft, dense, and exhilarating bumps providing extra stimulation in relentless. No more perfunctory wanks. With this innovative masturbation cup, you can blow your load effortlessly!