Breast Forms Silicone Breast Prosthesis

Original price was: ₹7990.Current price is: ₹6780.

Material: Toxic-free silicone for medical use, meet all safety standards, relevant certificates (CE & ROHS & SGS) can be provided upon request.
² Designed as enhancers for women with flat chest (very small or no breasts), as breast prosthesis for women undergoing mastectomy and as props for crossdressers(the pair set is strap-on and can be put on directly);

² Made of high-quality medical-grade silicone, enclosed with a thin polyurethane layer to keep the boobs from body grease, sweat and dust etc;

² Teardrop shape to match the curves of the chest cage giving perfect fit and comfort; therefore providing the feel and look of having large breasts.

² Easy replacement, durable (lifespan5-8years), water proof and warm up to the body temperature.