Delay spray for men

Original price was: ₹1850.Current price is: ₹1299.

Advanced Formula: Our advanced formula helps in desensitizing the area to help you and your partner.

Delays Ejaculation: The unique formula of our long last spray acts as a local anesthetic and prolongs the time of ejaculation during the Intercourse.

Easy Spray: Apply the delay spray 15 minutes before intercourse.

Oil-Free and Odor-Free: Safe for all skin types and won’t stain your clothes and bed.

Prolonged Intercourse: Our long last spray can help your love-making pleasurable. It also helps to increase sexual pleasure by providing enhanced and prolonged intercourse experiences.

Penis Enlargement: The delay spray can help you increase your feelings of desire and intensify the climax by making the penis even more thicker, larger and longer.

Increases Penis Erection Time: The long last spray helps in promoting sexual desires by helping you to recover quickly after sexual intercourse. It can increase the experience of pleasure and orgasm as well as the penis erection time.

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