EVA LE Masturbator For Men SexToy

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  • Always use a good MOI lubricant with this Hand-held Pussy masturbator to ensure a smooth slide over your penis without any friction.
  • Apply an ample amount of MOI lubricant over your penis and insides of the pocket pussy¬† masturbator.
  • Start by slowly inserting the head of your penis into the pocket pussy masturbator.
  • Enjoy the tight sensations while your penis is being inserted into the textured vacuum.
  • At this point, ensure that you are not facing any friction and that there is enough lubrication.
  • Hold the base of the masturbator firmly while easing into it.
  • At the entrance, it might feel a bit tight but you need to relax to let the stroker expand to the girth of your penis.
  • Once you have comfortably eased your penis into the masturbator, here comes the fun part.
  • Grip the masturbator with your hand and begin stroking up and down the length of your penis.
  • Do not stroke it too vigorously.
  • It might lead to the stroker slip-off.
  • For added pleasure, use your finger to close the other side of the pocket pussy¬† to create stronger suction inside the masturbator.
  • Maintain perfect hygiene before and after using the Pocket Pussy Masturbator