Jupiter Vibrating Mobile App Control Butt Plug

Original price was: ₹6000.Current price is: ₹4900.

Multi Usage As You Desire

The traditional single-vibration point massager can ” t satisfy people ” s desire for climax. This new upgraded vibrator can satisfy your sensitive parts and maximize your pleasure.

Besides the fact that it can be now controlled by a Mobile App downloaded by your partner makes it even more exciting.



Enjoy Your Secret Love

Do you feel shy or be afraid that others will hear when you play with it? Now you don ” t have to worry about it, the noise is 60 dB while 2 people having a normal communication, and the max noise of this vibrator is no more than 50 dB.

10 Vibration Modes Hit Your Points

Satisfy Different People and Bring Different Enjoyment

Multi  incredible vibration modes and pulsating settings to quickly and effectively stimulate your sensitive parts so you can ” t help but scream. From slow, steady to fast and pulsing, you can feel different and amazing pleasures no matter what mood your are in with 2 powerful motors. Use it to massage your sweet spots, or to experience the exciting prostate thrill when you insert it in, you will feel your body is numb and fully satisfied.

Warm Tip 1:It will get easier to slide into your body while playing with lubricant.

Warm Tip 2:To avoid spoil your pleasure due to the low battery, please ensure it be full charged before playing.

Warm Tip 3:Never use it when it is being charged.