Kamasutra Divine Nectars-Coconut Pineapple Lubricant

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KAMASUTRA DIVINE NECTARS-COCONUT PINEAPPLE LUBRICANT is an edible passion gel that provides the delicious taste and scent of sweet coconut and juicy pineapple. Designed to complement oral sex, it introduces a perfect amount of light, slippery glide in your thrilling intimate activities. You can rub, lick or kiss it to amplify pleasure during your foreplay, massage or sex. Drizzle the super-slick lube on your or your partner’s body, but don’t use it with sex toys. It is water-based, latex-free, and can be safely used with condoms. With its silky feel and long-lasting moisturizing quality, you are sure to be a fan of this delicious Kamasutra Divine Nectar gel!