Silicone Crossdresser Breast Forms Breastplates Drag Queen Fake Boobs B-H Cup

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Silicone Crossdresser Breast Forms

Silicone filled boobs have weight and more soft and bouncy like real boobs , jiggle while walk


Silicone Crossdresser Breast Forms

1.Soft and bouncy like real female boobs ,jiggle while walk
2.Thin edge and good stretch, comfortable to wear
3.Can use make up
 3 collar option
1.High collar design to cover Adam’s apple ,more feminine .
2.Low collar design release your neck ,can hide the edge with a neckband or necklace easily
3.Round collar design
Material: food grade silicone
Breast Filler: cotton or silicone
Cup Size: B C D F G H
Q1 How to wear the silicone breast ?
&It maybe little tight to wear first time ,you can take bath ,use powder .Will be more and more adaptable to your body after used several times
&Roll up the edge to wear
Q2 How to care the silicone breast ?
& Clean them in lukewarm water with mild soap, air-dry or with towel gently;
& Keep away from hot temperature, sunshine, sharp pointy things, washing machine, chemical material;
& To avoid discoloration of other clothes, do not clean the products with other clothes;
& This product is easy dyeing. Therefore, do not wear faded clothes or jewelry. Artificial dyeing is not refundable;
Q3 How to judge the size is suitable for you?
You can judge the size according to our detail information and pictures. While if you cannot decide yourself, please offer us the following information and we will give you professional advice:
(1) Your chest circumference
(2) Your height and weight
(3) The Cup size you want to achieve
(4) Neck circumference and waist circumference