Wireless Remote Vibrating Egg

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USB Rechargeable Wireless Remote Control Bullet Vibrator, Increase Intimacy and Improve Your Relationship!!!

– What couple doesn’t crave even more enjoyable sex?
– Did you know that about 75 percent of women can’t reach orgasm through penetrative sex?
– The best sex includes an orgasm for each partner, right?

* The Benefits Of Using Hands-free Vibrating Egg *
1.Better sex
– Female sex toys help couples to spice things up and have a variety of exciting experiences in the bedroom.
– If your sexual attitude is playful, then your sexual relationship will be more satisfying.

2.Extra orgasms
– If you use wearable vibrator, your chances of reaching an orgasm increase dramatically.
– Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm.

3.Intimacy benefits
– Using love egg during mutual masturbation or sex can reduce the anxiety of being naked and help create more intimacy.

Proteus named fish-shape remote control egg vibrator, which is inspired by the the shape and freedom of sea and ocean. The soft touch, chic design can be used by her alone, or shared with a partner.
Put the remote control in his hands and surrender to his desire.